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Quality photography is the best way to make a property stand out to buyers and successful realtors know this. Hadrien Dimier Photographie works with realtors and homeowners who want to showcase their property in the best possible light in order to sell, and sell fast !

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The Value

Buyers want better pictures, it's that simple. When considering the sums involved in most real estate transactions, professional photography has one of the best returns on investment and can make a listing sell in weeks instead of months. Hadrien Dimier Photographie will deliver images that grab a buyers attention and make your listing stand out from the rest. For more information on the importance of quality photography, read Market Leader's article here »


The Process

Hadrien Dimier Photographie makes it very easy, simply fill out the Real Estate Booking Form and I will contact you to schedule the shoot. Once on location, I usually walk through with the realtor or homeowner to discuss the space and ensure that the finished product is exactly what my client expects. On average, Real Estate shoots last 1-2 hours. All images are then uploaded to a gallery on my website where they can be downloaded directly to your computer. For your convenience, the gallery remains active for 1 month.


The Technique

My objective is to make your space look it's very best and use the finest equipment available to deliver magazine quality results, every time. Even the best cameras have their limits so I combine lighting and post-production techniques to enhance all images and achieve a polished product you will be proud of.


The Products

Real Estate photography starts at $250 and always includes:

- High Resolution Images -

I deliver a minimum of 25 High Resolution photographs for every real estate shoot to give buyers an in-depth look to your listing. All images are web-enhanced (72 ppi) which means they load quickly while maintaining an ultra-crisp appearance online. Print resolution files (300 ppi) are available upon request (at no extra charge) and should only be used for prints as the substantial size increase could be detrimental to the web viewing experience of buyers.

- 24 Hour Delivery -

Yes, it's fast ! You will receive a link to your image gallery by the end of the day following the shoot. All images are downloadable directly from there.

- HD Virtual Photo Tour - 

Still images really come to life and buyers love it ! Each High Definition virtual photo tour includes all of the images taken during the shoot, presented in an elegant cinematic style. I also include relevant information such as the agent's name, phone number, property address and MLS #.



Real Estate photography pricing only applies to properties that are for sale. All materials produced are copyrighted by Hadrien Dimier Photographie and may not be sold or otherwise distributed without the express written permission of Hadrien Dimier Photographie. The agent or homeowner may only use the images to market the property depicted in the photographs. Hadrien Dimier Photographie grants the agent/homeowner the right to use the images for the life of the original listing. Payment is due at the time of service by check or credit card so that I can focus on photography instead of billing :)

Properties up to 3,000 SF (Square Feet) - $ 250

Additional 500 SF - $50


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