Architectural Photography


Architects, Designers and Builders need to present their work in the most attractive way possible to their potential clients. Photography remains the best way to make a positive and lasting impression of your company's image and capabilities to the public. By combining my appreciation for Architecture and Design with my meticulous and uncompromising approach to photography, I am able to provide my clients with images that will both convey their vision as well as stand the test of time.

The Vision

As a creative professional, I respect and relate to the immense amount of effort that my clients put into each and every detail of their projects. I believe that Architectural Photography should do more than record visual elements by capturing the essence of the space and presenting it the way the way it is meant to be experienced. Successfully translating a three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional plane is one of the most difficult aspects of photography and a challenge I welcome every time !


The Method

I combine traditional field techniques with complex digital layering processes to produce images that are visually engaging and technically sound. Each shot is carefully styled and precisely lit to enhance the nuances in color, texture and volume that may otherwise be lost. Every aspect of the image is carefully reviewed and I retouch all blemishes to achieve a perfect result that will serve you well for years to come.